The following testimonials provide an indication of the kind of professional you will be engaging.

“A few months ago I signed-up with Joan's Beancounting services (JBS), and I now leave all my book-keeping to them because they do such a great job for me.

JBS keep my ongoing accounts records up to date, run my payroll, and produce monthly management reports that are key to the good financial management of my business.

I could never have hoped to have found the time myself to get this level of financial visibility - the management reports tell me exactly where I am with my finances, and I now have peace of mind that all the records are up to date, and that my final accounts submission at the end of year will be both accurate and quick to produce. It is a real weight off of my mind.

It clearly costs money to get a quality service, but I can honestly say that what I invest in this book-keeping service has easily paid-off in the few months I have been using it. JBS are quick and efficient in processing my paperwork - I work on a monthly basis, but I believe they do other services that work on other intervals.”
David Whale
Thinking Binaries

“Joan is professional, hard working, conscientious, and has a great eye for detail. She uses her interpersonal skills to influence others to ensure that financial controls are adhered to and if concerned about an issue is proactively involved to ensure that the right process, controls and reporting are in place. With regard to company sales, Joan has been meticulous in managing IP and royalty contracts and subsequent debt management, ensuring that: Contractual obligations are well understood from a financial perspective - Project managers have met those obligations - The necessary records are in place to invoice and recognise income. - Debts are collected with minimal delays.

It is a real pleasure working with Joan, and you can always rely on her support and great sense of humour (and a funny accent!)”
Paul Turnbull
Former Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, Motorola Mobile Devices, now Global Financial Director, Lola Cars

“I worked with Joan during the integration of TTPCom into Motorola. This was a very turbulent time for TTPCom. Joan was invaluable in making sure the finance and accounting operations ran smoothly, particularly with contract management and cash collections.”
Patrick Dempsey
Director of Business Operations, Motorola

“Joan was extremely instrumental in organizing the integration of the acquired team in Cambridge with the parent Motorola group in Libertyville, IL. She quickly became a "subject matter expert" in the applicable tools and ensured none of the existing business was disrupted during the transition. Joan is very detail-focused and highly organized. The transition would not have been as successful without Joan's efforts and it was a pleasure working with her!”
Sue Granquist, Director of Program Management, Brightstar

“I have worked with Joan for 8 years and she is a thorough and hardworking professional as well as a pleasure to work with.”
Vincent Lynch, Financial Controller, Carl Zeiss

“Joan is somebody who focuses on what is needed and drives to get things done. A strong character with a great personality and a pleasure to work with.”
Ian Konrath, Business Operations Manager, Motorola Inc

 “Joan is a very hard worker, with a great eye for detail (All important when reviewing contracts). She was always confident in her work, and was able to prioritise and organise her work in order to meet all the necessary month end deadlines.”
Lynsey Tucker, Finance Manager, TTPCom


Last updated : 23 October 2017

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